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    An Essence of Life…

    December 27, 2018 in Uncategorized

    The left and right side of our life in accordance to our mind….

    चाय पे चर्चा

    December 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

    चाय पे चर्चा चाय पे चर्चा ।

    करें हर गली का बूढ़ा- बच्चा,
    देश विदेशो के खबरों से सच्चा,
    संजीवनी जिसका दिल है कच्चा,
    है रोज की अपनी चाय पे चर्चा।

    दिन की शुरुवात में दिया ताज़गी,
    मध्य धूप में भूजी प्याज़ भी,
    शाम की थकान किया दूर सी
    निद्रा की चाय है सिर्फ मज़े की।

    चाय पे चर्चा, चाय पे चर्चा।

    दूल्हा घर जमाई बने मेरे मिठास से
    प्रमोशन अकबार बने मेरे कड़क से
    रात की पढ़ाई के लिए मिले हमदर्दी से
    प्रेमी को चिट्ठी दिए मेरे दुकान से

    अद्रक से दोस्ती से मिटे खिच – खिच,
    मसाला कि मित्रता से काटी हर सर्दी,
    नींबू कि मिश्र ने याद दिलाए पूर्व मेहबूब,
    हरी चाय पीकर पेट ना बड़ी।

    चाय पे चर्चा, चाय पे चर्चा,
    घूमे पूरे देश में यह अदा,
    क्लर्क से मंत्री तक भी बोले,
    चलो करे चाय पे चर्चा।

    The Humming Bird and the Horse

    December 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

    Once there lived a humming bird in a forest filled with hardworking animals. She was known for her soothing voice and every smile. Every day, she will go from one flower to the other and suck the nectar out of it. But she always ensured she selected the best flowers in the forest. Almost all animals in the forest consulted her, if they wanted the best nectar for their own purposes. Owing to her elegant beauty, she had many drop their heart for her attention. But her heart skipped the beat for only the mighty bald Eagle, which lived far west of the forest. They occasionally connected through their long hoots.
    The humming bird had 2 good friends – the tall and strong Rhinoceros and the fast and adonis horse. The rhino and the humming bird were pledged siblings. The horse is one of those who dropped his heart, but today a great friend with her. These 3 friends always tried making time for each other. Yet, the humming bird always looked up into the sky yearning to catch a glimpse of the mighty bald Eagle – her Eagle. She dreamed day and night for that moment when she can fly high with him and glide to her ultimate destination in life.

    One day, Mr Rhino had to go the nearby forest to attend his relative’s birthday function. The humming bird was feeling lonely and shared her feelings to Mr Horse. Mr Horse too had some engagement coming up, but his heart went weak and decided to postpone the engagement to day later. Both of them were sitting and talking one evening. “Hmm, I wish I can take a break from my daily routine” said Ms Humming bird. “Whole day I spend sucking nectar and suggesting best flowers to all animals.” Mr Horse said, “Why don’t you take a day off?. Go off to another place and explore.” Humming bird let out a sigh and said, “Alas, my work never permits me to be free. Anyone can call me anytime and ask me about flowers and nectar.” “Just listen to me, don’t work. Have some break. You deserve it.”, exclaimed the Horse. After some to and fro banter, both of them agreed to go for a ride to the nearby Forest Palace.

    The D-day arrived. At the break of dawn, Ms humming bird asked Mr Horse, “Would you mind if we had a short stop at Mr Tailorbird’s home? He needs our urgent help for his Annual Forest Newsletter.” Half-heartedly Mr Horse agreed as he knew the importance of work. Mr Tailorbird was renowned around the forest for his artistic prowess. They say never was such a fine craftsmen ever been in that forest for years since its existence. As the sun came at 45 degree on the East, the Ms. Humming bird sat on the back of Mr. Horse and he rode them swiftly to Mr Tailorbird’s office. As they entered, Mr. Tailorbird was scrutinizing his newsletter bark through his fine precision spectacles. Everyone greeted each other and then thud the sound came from behind. It was Mr. Elephant running in late as usual. They held an hour long discussion and bid good bye. Mr Horse was charged up, but it was interrupted by a call on Ms Humming bird’s mobile phone. “Hello! … Yes…. you can get such nectar from the garden east of the Grand Lake.” Call ends. Mr Horse gives a displeasing look towards Ms Humming bird. She gives an innocent smile that breaks the frown on Ms Horse’s face. She cheerfully said, “I told you I never can get a deserving break in my working line.” Mr Horse just smiled.

    They both proceeded towards the Forest Palace. With every gallop, the horse grew curious and disturbed as he could only hear the sounds of his rhythmic footsteps. After some time he turned back and witnessed the Humming Bird sitting calmly on his back. This routine continued until they reached the palace. The palace was majestic in its own right. The shadow of towers seemed embracing them with welcome. As the gallop stopped, the humming bird stretched opens its numb wings. The horse enquired, “Why didn’t you speak anything while coming here? I was getting worried.” She calmly replied, “I didn’t want to distract your attention from the obstacles ahead. We both had to be safe.” The Horse got confused and surprised. This was new thing he learnt about her. The always chirpy humming bird is so mute while riding pillion. Mr. Horse thought to proceed further with Ms Bird without thinking much. As they both proceeded through the palatial walls and explored through each chamber, they found many instances where they agreed and some where disagreed. Mr Horse was lover of details in every artistic work but Ms Bird loved the mystery in the chambers. They both loved walking into rooms that was closed and forbidden and many more. The day never seemed boring in both their lives that moment. They enacted the royal pose with Ms Bird sitting on the royal throne and Mr. Horse posing as her servant.

    Mr. Horse found a new chamber, he noticed Ms. Bird was no where found. The anxiety was broken by the same chirpy voice he loved hearing every day. “Hello sir …. Yes I said Grand Lake….. No not Granny Lake… Grand Lake. Yes, that’s where the nectar you are looking for will be available.” Ms. Humming Bird was caught red-handed discussing work again. Mr. Horse’s stare burned a hole through the Ms Bird. She smirked apologetically. After the call, she smiled and explained, “I know you planned this trip as a break. But I had to take care of this call. These people rely on me.” Mr. Horse, after a lot of thought, agreed to continue the trip. Throughout the trip Ms Bird kept breaking the rule to not to work on a trip and Mr. Horse forgave. They moved from chambers to outer area and even argued on their favourite topics – Forest affairs and relationships. Laughed, cried and fought and even shared food. The two persons had a ball of the time, yet had intermittent breaks owing to calls for Ms Humming bird. And Mr. Horse chose to forgive her every time.

    As the sun drooped in the west, the two friends in the same silent travel mode, returned to their home. Mr. Horse bid goodbye to Ms Humming bird at her nest. She shyly said, “I know I screwed up your day. Thanks for bearing with me.” Mr Horse replied with a smile, “It’s always fine. I can bear you always.” Bidding adieu, she entered her nest with the dream to fly with Mr Bald Eagle some day tomorrow. Back in his stable, Mr Horse recollected all the beautiful moments of the day. He realised something. The moment of togetherness was not about each person meeting the other person’s expectation. Rather being there inspite about how the moment is. That instance of understanding is what makes “Togetherness” beautiful and makes a moment a memory. Mr. Horse and Ms. Humming birds relationship was never the same again. They became a friendship beyond definition. Not sure what it is…but surely Love is a very small word for it. That night they both slept peacefully, awaiting Mr. Rhinoceros to break in their lovely experience.

    – Mr. Horse

    An Ode from a Chimney

    December 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

    Born to the youngest son of his master
    In every street of London, you meet my kin
    Chipped and polished to face any weather
    His soft hands tickled my then naïve skin

    Behold! the majestic sight on my dwelling
    The crown jewel of all modern streets
    Motors saluted with the symphony of blaring
    Ladies ogled shyly taking bites from sweet treats

    The white-collar man steadily puffing his cigar
    A flirty adonis with his chirpy dames
    And the sturdy playmate to the kids of Vicar
    Titles from the queen bows to these names.

    I treasure countless tales of Romeo and Juliet
    Julius Caeser too screened on my shoulder
    Centuries of storms and sun I have met
    We are like pals meeting for drinks on a dark winter

    As the fumes from the final pyre is been blown
    Memories plays among the moon and stars
    Seeds of a new birth tomorrow be sown
    I sing my final lullaby spotlighted from cars

    I, the snowman

    December 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

    Are you this Snowman?


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