What if what I create isn’t good enough to submit?

Quality is not the first priority of this challenge. Consistency is.

I am not in the mood, I don’t feel inspired, or I won’t be able to create a Masterpiece right now when I am tired of a day’s hard work… are the excuses that we give to ourselves.

This challenge is to make you force yourself to get over this disease called excusitis, which kills most of our genius and creativity before it is born.

Be it a poem you wrote that you expected to be a masterpiece or a selfie you clicked with the sun, where you look horrible, just send it to us.

The idea is that if you create bad ( or horrible) work consistently, every once in a while, you are bound to create something that would exceed your expectations by far.

We want you to get into the habit of creating no matter what. We want you to learn the art of being an unstoppable artist.

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