Hi beautiful,

Calling you beautiful wasn’t a flattery or a baseless assumption. My little website attracted you, and you are here to know more about this tribe. It is evident that you are someone in search of meaning in your life. It separates you from all the machiney people who accept the role of a cog imposed on them by the system.

But this letter is not about those negative people. It’s not about darkness. It’s about the light, the fireworks, the stars. It’s about you. And I cannot tell you how glad I am to have you here with me.

Now that you are here, I would use this opportunity to tell you who we are and what should you expect from us. Though there are quite a few amazing things in the pipeline, for now, we would explain to you our renowned art challenge, which has helped to many people (re)discover and (re)connect with their inner artistic self despite their busy lives.

5-Day Art Challenge

Stir the artist in you, whom you have been ignoring all this while, back to life. Because its time to awaken has come.

Writing. Painting. Vlogging. Calligraphy. Whatever it be…it is time you made your art the top-most priority of your life. No more losing the artist within you to become a good child, an obedient student, or a diligent employee. And here is a challenge to help you with just that.

How does this challenge work?

Every day we would give you a prompt and you have to write a poem, click a picture, make a painting, or do anything related to it within the next 24 hours. Given below is an example of a prompt:

Day 1:

Prompt: Sunshine. Create something related to the prompt and submit your work within next 24 hours.

At the beginning of the challenge, you have to deposit a certain amount of money into the challenge. Our admin will send you one prompt on your WhatsApp for next 5 days, at around midnight.

For every day that you don’t complete the challenge, 50% of your bet money will be deducted. If you complete all the challenges successfully, you will get all your amount back.

You can join in any day of August and complete the challenge in the next 5 days.

Special offer: If you join on or before 15th August, you get a bonus day. That means you can take a day’s break in those 5 days of art challenge for any emergency or if you need an extra day to finish a piece of art.

The betting money that you put in the challenge should be enough to keep you motivated to work even if your mind wants to procrastinate. However, it should not be so big that you go broke if you lose it.

There is no fixed amount. But it should be more than what you would spend on an ice cream or a meal. It should be big enough that the thought of losing it makes you at least slightly uncomfortable.

Best Artist Award

You will get feedback on your works from talented reviewers. The best works will be reviewed by our judge, who would be an established professional in your field. The best artist will get a certificate signed by our judge of honor, as well as personalized mentorship to help them grow as an artist.

Most Popular Artist Award

The most popular artist gets all the money lost by other participants. For this, you must have the maximum number of points. You can earn points by sharing your works with your friends, fans, and followers  — and urging them to vote for you. You can also refer your friend(s) to join the challenge and earn bulk points when they join. Refer to the question “How to earn points” for details.

Become an Unstoppable Artist

This challenge is a way of becoming an unstoppable artist and, at large, an unstoppable human being. It will give you a taste of what it means to be truly dedicated to something. It will teach you the art of mastering your mind and overcoming procrastination. Even if you are dead tired or super busy with your job or studies.

All the rewards and benefits are just to keep you motivated and going. The real aim of this challenge is to make you an unstoppable artist.

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    Quality is not the first priority of this challenge. Consistency is.

    I am not in the mood, I don’t feel inspired, or I won’t be able to create a Masterpiece right now when I am tired of a day’s hard work… are the excuses that we give to ourselves.

    This challenge is to make you force yourself to get over this disease called excusitis, which kills most of our genius and creativity before it is born.

    Be it a poem you wrote that you expected to be a masterpiece or a selfie you clicked with the sun, where you look horrible, just send it to us.

    The idea is that if you create bad ( or horrible) work consistently, every once in a while, you are bound to create something that would exceed your expectations by far.

    We want you to get into the habit of creating no matter what. We want you to learn the art of being an unstoppable artist.

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    The person with the maximum number of points become the Most Popular Artist and gets all the money lost by other participants. To win this award, you can do the following:

    Social traction: After you submit your task and our admin uploads it on our website, you can promote it on among your friends, fans, and followers. For every ‘like’ on your post, you get 5 coins, and for every comment, you get 8 coins.

    Referring your friend: For every person who joins, you get 50 coins straightaway.

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