At Planet of Disobedients, our mission is to plant as many undercover artists as possible.

When we say “artists,” we don’t just mean painters. You could be a writer, poet, painter, calligrapher, sand artist…anything under the sun.

We want to change the notion that one needs to be live a meager life, quit everything and do only art to be a real artist.

You can be anything from a banker to a butcher during the day, and then come home, put on your superhero costume and become the artist of your dreams. One for the kitchen, one for the soul!

And our 5-Day Art Challenge is a powerful tool to help people resurrect the artist the society had once killed.

Here is a small video to further explain the concept to you:


How it works

For 5 consecutive days, you will be given a prompt – every day at midnight. You have to write something on it within 24 hours.

This is the basic idea. We have put together a system to help you push yourself and create art despite all the troubles of a regular workday, exceeding your own artistic expectations.

Commitment Token

To begin the challenge, you need to deposit a certain amount of money with us as a promise of your commitment. For each day when you don’t show up with your art on the given prompt, 50% of your token amount will be deducted.

If you successfully complete the challenge, you get all your money back, otherwise, you get back the balance amount. The total amount lost by other participants goes to the person who wins this challenge (the first category).

Please note: The token amount should be big enough that it forces you to create even if you are super busy/tired/unmotivated, but it should not be so big that you go broke if you lose it. Commit wisely!


How to win

Not that the challenge in itself isn’t good enough, we have kept some rewards and prizes to keep you going.

Here are 2 ways you can be a winner:

The most popular artist

If you are the most popular artist in the challenge, you will win 5 times the money lost by other participants (somewhere between Rs 2,000 — 5,000).

Once you upload your piece in the blog section of your profile, you have to promote it for votes, shares and comments.

1 vote = 1 point
1 comment = 3 points
1 share = 5 points

*Bonus point*
If you refer this challenge to your friends and they accept the challenge, you get 50 points per participant.

The most creative artist

Don’t worry if you are not a very popular person, we have something for you as well.

Our reviewers will upload all the works you’ve uploaded and nominate your best one, which would be presented before our chief judge — an established professional.

Our judge would not only a provide detailed critique of your work but also give you a signed certificate, which would boost your art/career portfolio.

We will then feature your work on our website along with an interview as the Artist of The Month.


Please enroll at the earliest as due to capacity crunch, we do not know how long we can hold the door open for you.

Register now by depositing the commitment token.

(To pay directly via Paytm or to discuss other options, please click on the WhatsApp button in the bottom right corner.)

When you are done with the payment, the last step is to create an account on the website. Please register or login to join our budding tribe.


Additional Surprises:

Surprise 1: Get your artworks reviewed

How often do you create something in wish show it to someone who GOT IT?

If you are fed up with comments like “Good work” and “Amazing,” I would leave us from your genre will provide detailed comments about your works on a daily basis — pointing out your strengths and giving constructive feedback.

Surprise 2: Get your website made FOR FREE

Ever wanted to have a blog or a website of your own?

You don’t even need to win the challenge, if you just complete the 5 days, you will be eligible for a free website setup. Our dedicated technical team will handle all the scary technical stuff that you have always being stuck with.

Surprise 3: Connect with people who are killing it

We will get you in direct contact with people who can help you with creativity, inspiration and promoting your art. We have our resources leaders from different fields to help you out via email.

You can ask as many questions as you want about anything related to your heart.

Surprise 4: Free marketing lessons

Marketing is the key to becoming a famous artist. Every day you will get a small marketing tip in your inbox, through which you can not only enhance your knowledge but also implement it to promote your artworks — increasing your chance to win the cash prize.


Did you not register for the challenge yet?

Even Jesus wants an entry now.

What are you waiting for?



Once again, let us walk you through the registration process:

1. Submit your commitment token: An amount that you think would be big enough to motivate you, yet not too big that you go broke if you lose it.

2. Create an account: Sign up for the website to create your profile.

(To pay directly via Paytm or to discuss other options, please click on the WhatsApp button in the bottom (say, “Hello!”) right corner.)