Revive your creative life

At Planet of Disobedients, our mission is to plant as many undercover artists as possible.

When we say "artists," we don't just mean painters. You could be a writer, poet, calligrapher,  sand artist...anything under the sun.

We want to change the notion that one needs to be live a meager life, quit everything and do only art to be a real artist.

You can be anything from a banker to a butcher during the day, and then come home, put on your superhero costume and become the artist of your dreams. One for the kitchen, one for the soul.

And our art challenges are a powerful tool to help people resurrect the artist the society had killed.


Taking the challenge and pushing my creative skills beyond the set pattern has truly been a journey in the rainbow. It's such a good idea from POD. It stirred some parts of creativity within me yet to be discovered.

- Itika, Poet

What more does an Artist need than a chance to Manifest feelings?? It was a chance to express in any way you desire. This chance gave me opportunity to present your Art in any way possible based on theme.

- Samridhi, Writer

This challenge helped me a lot to know my limits and push myself off them. This made me realize that time can never be an issue if one wants to live the passion life. Amazing experience!

- Apoorva, Painter


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